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Posted by on Mar 19, 2012 in Small Group Resources |

Transparency leads to Transparency

Transparency leads to Transparency

It’s exciting to see a new small group form, especially when they are responding as a result of a church-wide campaign promotion which communicated the expectation for every adult to join a group.  The other ingredient that added to the excitement was the subject; a subject that the world speaks loudly and often, and yet the church usually avoids.  However, for this church, it has been the biggest connection subject in the last 6 years.  The campaign was “Sacred Sex: How to Experience a Little Heaven on Earth.”

The group that came together that first night was diverse with couples, engaged couples, singles and divorced.  How would this work?  We had no idea, but it quickly became obvious that there was a purpose.

In week 2, “The Naked Truth,” the opening question changed the group forever.  “According to Hollywood, reality TV, etc., what does the world list as the top three ingredients of good sex?”

After a few moments of awkward silence, several expected answers surfaced.  Then a lady spoke up and shared her heart about being married then divorced and the opportunities to really mess up in the world.  She shared how she had committed to being sexual pure until marriage. Then others began to share about their journey.  Our group meeting usually meets for about an hour, but not on this night.  It was easy to see that this discussion would not end soon due to everyone was sharing.  Because one person was trusting and transparent, others in the group felt more comfortable to share their story.

You may wish this blog post would continue the story of how this group dealt with the subject of “Sacred Sex.”  But this blog is about being transparent in your small group, which establishes trust and opens the door for more transparency.  A key ingredient for growing in Christ is being transparent not only to God, but to each other.  In small groups, transparency allows others to see issues and opportunities for you to grow deeper.  As you are transparent others will build trust in you and become more transparent themselves.

Spend a few minutes this week considering how you can be transparent about whatever subject your small group is dealing with.  Watch and listen for others to begin their story.  By being quiet and letting God work in people, transparency of one turns into transparency for the group.