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Posted by on Apr 6, 2013 in Blog, Media, Technology |

Virtual Choir Live | TED

You may have seen the video on TED from a couple of years ago after a fan video posted to YouTube sparked a crazy idea: could he take singers from across the globe, have them sing the same piece on video, and edit it together into a virtual choir? The results of this experiment quickly went viral. And at TED2011, Whitacre spoke about the aha moment behind the choir, and debuted a new piece from the unusual ensemble.

In his latest talk, given at TED2013, Whitacre takes this idea to the next level — combining multiple choirs on stage with singers from 32 different countries via Skype, all of them making beautiful choral music together in real time.  The choirs who appeared on the TED stage are from:

  • California State University, Long Beach Campus
  • California State University, Fullerton Campus
  • Riverside City College

A list of the remote singers and the countries they represent:

  • Gina Alvarado, Argentina
  • Wei Jiang, Australia
  • Lucas Mateus, Brazil
  • Ariana Del Bianco, Canada
  • Anita Yañez, Chile
  • Meg Ideker, China
  • Gan Hui Wan, Malaysia
  • Anabela Baric, Croatia
  • Annika Kukk, Estonia
  • Yohann Hamon, France
  • Alexander Utech, Germany
  • Kristín Þóra Jökulsdóttir, Iceland
  • Saikumar Prabhakaran, India
  • Christin N. Waldemar, Indonesia
  • Moshe Jonathan Gordon, Israel
  • Carol Anne Edington, Japan
  • Julia Slepenkova, Kazakhstan
  • Andreas Khalid L. Belboe, Norway
  • Von DeGuzman, Philippines
  • Joanna Trociuk, Poland
  • Herson A. Perez Valentin, Puerto Rico
  • Sandor Orbok, Romania
  • Miloš Trujić, Serbia
  • Anastassia Rakitianskaia, South Africa
  • Amy Daniels, South Korea
  • Miha Jejčič, Slovenia
  • Jonathan Souza, South Korea
  • Kuan-ming Lin, Taiwan
  • Heidi Greimann, Turkey
  • Daniel Borszik, UAE
  • Patrick Williams, UK
  • Jack Rowland, USA
  • Maria Petrova, USA
  • Jason Ekhabi Sibi-Okumu, USA