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Posted by on Oct 21, 2013 in Blog, Life |

What Do You Have to Pass On?

What Do You Have to Pass On?

There was a line in a movie I watched recently that has stuck with me.  It wasn’t a line that was intended to be pivotal, remembered, or quoted (which is probably why I couldn’t find it to get it right).  In referring to a character in the movie whose life was a difficult journey, something like this was said:

“Once he turned 10, his father didn’t have anything left to offer him.”

I’ve thought a lot about what I have to “offer” my kids.  As a father, I feel a great burden to pass on certain things to my kids, to spend the fleeting moments I have with them preparing them for life.  As they get older, the issues become far more complex and my need to be engaged radically increases.  I think it is fair to ask, “What will I have left to offer my kids in their teenage years and beyond?”

So I ask you: What do you have to offer your kids?  What are you intentional about passing on to them?  How do you do it?  Share.  Be specific.  Add where you’re succeeding.  If you dare, include where you struggle and don’t feel adequate.  Let’s learn from one another and make each other better parents.


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