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Posted by on May 2, 2012 in Small Group Resources |

When it comes to a Small Group, How small is too small?

When it comes to a Small Group, How small is too small?

One of the leading questions that can get a Small GroupPoint person cornered is “what size should a small group be?”  or “What is the perfect number for our small group?”

I am always hesitant to just spout off a number.  Rather, I explain that it depends on your house as well as the number of kids and leaders you have in the group.  In more reproductive areas of our city the average couple could bring 5 or 6 kids with them.  This will limit the number of couples due to places for the kids to eat and play.  In other areas or our community where empty nesters may be more prevalent, they can have several couples participate.   My experience guide for my small group is less than 15.  When my group reaches 15 too many conversations can happen at the same time, therefore diminishing the value of small group.  There is no perfect number.

On the other hand, I had a call today where the leader began to justify the smallness of his group.  He shared how each of his small group members participated every meeting, shared in parties and influence of neighbors and friends and had a service project/ministry where they were serving on an almost weekly basis.  The group opened meetings with stories of their service, which included knitting scarf’s and hats for the homeless, teaching English as a second language and leading student small groups.  Each person not only had a place they served, their small group leader could tell you what that was and stories from those experiences.

This group, no matter the size, is growing in Christ, challenging each other to live out what they are learning and the transformation they are experiencing, and, they are sharing stories of life change.

How is your group doing? Do you become distracted by numbers or are you focused on transformation?  Numbers tell only a part of the story of a small group.  It is people that matter to God, and they should matter to us as well.