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Posted by on May 30, 2014 in Blog, Life |

While Social Media Was Sleeping

While Social Media Was Sleeping

Well, I must say I am surprised that my return to social media has been much slower than I anticipated.  Our 40-day tech fast for Lent this year turned into a 13 week hiatus from blogging.  I have picked back up activity on Twitter, though mainly related to my work at Leadership Network.  I’ve been reticent to spend much time and energy on Facebook post-Easter (I’ll share a few reasons for that later).  It will be interesting to see how my social habits and patterns shake out in the months ahead.  All in all, its been…refreshing.

A few milestones, both personal and professional, were crossed during my time off.  In no particular order:

  • I completed my first 90 days of CrossFit at CrossFit Boom.
  • Our Rapid Growth Leadership Community came to a close.
  • The What’s Next Leadership Community convened in San Diego.
  • Baseball season started (again).
  • We launched our first Social Media and Communications InnovationLab.
  • Basketball season ended, giving way to soccer.
  • We wrapped up our first Multisite Artist Development InnovationLab.

I’ll share some thoughts on these soon.  In addition, there were some observations and reflections along the way that I want to share.  Below is a list of some of them.  I’ll blog about each in the days ahead:

  • Achievement is Powerful.
  • Journaling (like blogging) Takes Discipline.
  • Leadership in the Home Is Challenging.
  • A Little Leadership Goes a Long Way.
  • Leadership must be Constant.
  • There Really Is only so much Time.

What about you?  What have the last 13 weeks brought your way?  What have you experienced, learned, and lived?

Hopefully you’re still out there.

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