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Who I Am

IMG_1635[1]I am a Christ-follower, husband, father, son, brother, and more.  I have grown up in the Kingdom and have committed much of my adult life to working in and equipping churches to have a greater impact in the settings to which God has called and gifted them.   I’m a resourcer, a facilitator, a strategist, and (try to be) an all-around good guy.  If you want a character comparison, I’m more like Sampson  than Samuel—not because I have long hair and big guns, but because God often uses me in spite of myself and creates beauty out of my mess.

My personal mission is to emulate Christ in my relationships by serving others, extend God’s grace in my community through a generous lifestyle, and expand God’s Kingdom in the world by equipping the church.  It’s a lifelong quest.  Some days are characterized by more success than others.  But these three mandates are what I was created and designed for.  And I welcome you to join me on the journey.

I grew up in small town Texas, enjoying the freedoms of open spaces and starry skies.  I attended Oklahoma Christian University to pursue a degree in engineering, attempting to follow in my late father’s footsteps.  But God used a summer missions experience to alter the course of my studies and the trajectory my life.  I finished OC with a servant-hearted fiancée, strong ideals, and an undergraduate degree in youth ministry.  Two kids, ten years of youth ministry, and a Master’s from Abilene Christian later, God pushed me into broader congregational roles, including exciting and fascinating Kingdom work with church leaders and non-profit organizations from across the country.  (You can find out more about what I’m up to now from the What I Do page.)

There’s much more to my story and, frankly, I’m impressed that you’ve read this far.  But I’m much more interested in learning yours.  What path has God set you on?  How is He using you to advance the Kingdom?  How can I serve you?  So, please, send me an email, submit a question on the Contact Me page, or connect via Facebook or Twitter.

God bless,