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Posted by on Jul 26, 2013 in Blog, Kingdom |

Who Is Your Target?

Who Is Your Target?

A few weeks ago I passed by a small church that had a professionally designed banner displayed prominently on their front lawn.  It simply read:

Old-Fashioned Traditional Worship Services

The first thought that crossed my mind was, “Who is your target?”  When a church sends out a marketing message like this one, do they really understand who they’re after?  Best I can tell, a sign like that might catch the interest of two types of people:

1.  Folks that just happened to move into the area that are looking for a small church with “old-fashioned traditional worship services”.

2.  Folks that left another church in the area because their worship services weren’t old-fashioned or traditional enough.

What do both of these groups have in common?  They’re church people.  I’ve got nothing against church people.  I am one.  But shouldn’t we be focusing our attention on those who have yet to accept Christ?  And if you want to argue that the sign referenced above could appeal to the ‘unchurched’…


I have some good friends who serve a church in the area.  They have taken grief from leaders (I should say people with leadership positions) and members over their recent efforts to remove barriers that keep them from reaching those who don’t know Christ.  Some of these ‘leaders’, after verbally committing to support the decisions that were being made, launched campaigns to divide the church (calling the decisions ‘divisive’, no less).  Many members have left the church for other congregations in the area.  Why?

Deep down, if we’re really honest, there are some things more important to the saved than doing whatever it takes to reach the lost.

Don’t believe me?  Drive around to the churches in your area.  Look at what is on their signs.  Tell me if they sound like messages intended to reach those far from Christ.  We need to think critically about who we’re trying to reach.

Who is your target?