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Posted by on Oct 9, 2014 in Blog, Life |

Why Do We (I) Do This?

Why Do We (I) Do This?

Yesterday I was struck by how I felt…

Now normally if I were to start a sentence that way, it would be followed by a description of something wrong.  Or a picture of something I did to myself.  But yesterday I felt great.  It was enough of a ‘greater than usual greatness’ that I noticed.  In fact, it stopped me in the middle of my day as if to say, “You really need to pay attention to how good you feel right now.”  Physically, emotionally, spiritually…I felt amazing.

Fortunately I had the presence of mind to recognize that my good feeling wasn’t the result of anything I had done.  It was a pretty routine day.  I realized right away that it was from God.  A peace.  A blessing.  Calming presence.  Good.  Have you ever had one of those moments?  An instance of the presence of God in your life so obvious, so tangible?  I paused and gave thanks for it.  And as I began to push ‘play’ on my day once again, I was struck by a thought: “Do more.  Stop, really stop what you’re doing and pray, listen, worship.  Nothing else you could be doing at this moment matters as much.  Take some time, right now, and just BE with God.”

But I didn’t.  Instead of stop, I pressed ‘play’.

Have you been there before?

Why do we do this?  Why do do this?  What is it that compels me to rush past God in a moment like that?  Past the burning bush, beyond the cleft of the rock, away from the cloud, the pillar, the mountain?  Why?

I’m not going to answer.  Not yet.  I could scratch out a hundred things.  But when I give an answer to something, it is often as if I just checked it off the list.  Done.  No, I’m going to let this one simmer for a while.  And while I do, I want to hear from you.  If you’ve had that moment and you’ve hit ‘play’ far to quickly.  Why?  What can I learn from your experience?


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