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Posted by on Jul 21, 2010 in Blog |

Why Food Is Important to Group Life

I came across a great post by Rick Howerton on his blog Small Group World that highlights the importance of groups “fooding” together.  As an accomplished eater, I appreciate such content.  As you think about your plans for the fall and the various food formats available to your group, keep these things in mind.

Most small groups do food… Some gorge weekly on a enormous southern feast. Some groups order pizza weekly or ask group members to stop on their way and pick up their favorite fast food, each member with a different meal plan. Other groups dive headlong into group member’s favorite dessert (at least the one they cook the best). Then there are the groups who meet at a restaurant or coffee house. They simply order from the menu.
It makes no difference what a group chooses to do so long as they do fooding together. When people eat together something fantastic happens… people relax and talk. What does doing food together do for a group?

  1. Eating together is the perfect ice-breaker. Eat together before the group meeting weekly and ice-breakers may become extinct.
  2. Eating together allows the leader and apprentice to serve the group members. Servant leadership always enhances a leaders influence.
  3. Eating together allows individuals with the spiritual gift of hospitality to exercise their gifts.
  4. Eating together allows you to help group members discover their spiritual gifts. Individuals with the gift of helps will naturally begin cleaning up after the meal, people with the gift of teaching will insert a biblical concept into the conversation taking place during the meal, etc… If a group leader is watching closely she/he will be able to discern gifts group members have never even considered that they might have.
  5. Eating together slows the blood pressure of busy, working people. Group members no longer have to hurry home, fix a meal, charge through it at home, then rush to the meeting.
  6. If well organized, eating together allows the individual who cooks supper at home daily a break from that responsibility.